Product Review – KEEN footwear – Infant Coronado Shoe


American shoe manufacturers KEEN were founded in 2003 by Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst. They produce a wide range of footwear, from sandals to casual shoes. Their range is available to men, women and children.

The first pair of shoes created by KEEN were in fact a sandal which also designed to protect the toes of those wearing them, featuring a black bumper which covered the front of the sandal.

This black bumper is also included in the design of the product I am reviewing – the child’s Coronado  shoe.

My son is like every other 16 month old infant. He runs around, trips and bumps into things on numerous occasions throughout his daily routine. So as you can imagine, the black bumper featured on the Coronado shoes is a bonus on top of the stylish design.

The Coronado shoes are produced using ‘vulcanised eco-friendly construction’, which means my son has a pair of longer lasting and hard wearing pair of shoes, which were also made causing minimal damage to the environment.

Whilst I’m in no position to comment on whether or not my son’s little pair of shoes have played a big role in speeding up global warming or not, I can say that there is no signs of wear and tear after a few weeks. The canvas upper seems very easy to clean anyway.

The Coronado shoes do look quite bulky, but aren’t in fact overly heavy. However, they seem to have successfully corrected my son’s occasional habit of walking on his toes

The sizes available in the infant section range from 3 to 6 (in UK sizes). There are also a number of colours to suit boys and girls, such as blue, pink and olive. Olive was my selection, as I, being the fashion guru that I am, felt the colour would be the most versatile with different outfits.

My son is unable to comment on the comfort and fitting of the shoes, but KEEN claim the fit is ‘true to size’, so this hasn’t seemed to be an issue. The EVA footbed included in the design of the shoes also allows me to presume that they are fairly comfortable to wear.

As for the price, Nature Shop‘s £24.95 isn’t really too hefty when looking at other brands and producers of good quality footwear. After all, it is extremely important for us to take care of our feet, especially our children’s.

To view the Coronado or the rest of KEEN’s infant range  – click here  


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