(Some) People on the Internet

Grinding My Gears

Some of you will know that I was on television earlier this week, having worked as an undercover reporter for the BBC programme, Panorama.

In this role, I actually gained employment at another company, purely for the purposes of my BBC job. Just to get those who didn’t see or read about the documentary, the focus was on the working conditions of said employer.

Whilst I’m very proud of the fact that I managed to get a gig like the one I refer to, so early in my career, that isn’t the topic I wish to address; the internet is.

I had been advised against it, and even had the common sense to realise I probably shouldn’t, but I just couldn’t help myself when it came to having a crafty glance at the ‘comments’ sections beneath the news reports covering the story.

Some reported questionably on the topic, even down to portraying me as an employee who had contacted the BBC, and admittedly, people’s opinions are always going to be affected by what they have read before sharing their thought’s, and how what they have read is written.

That doesn’t take away from the sheer ignorance some people suffer from. I’m sure every single person who has had their face in the public eye (albeit on varying scales) would learn a lot that they didn’t know about themselves with just a quick scouring of themselves over Google.

Did you know that I’d never worked a day in my life before? That I just sit behind a desk all day, and that’s all I’ve done since I was at school? That I’ve been given everything I have, and I’ve never had to earn anything? No? Me neither. This is because none of it is true.

I feel for these poor people, who must have been misled when researching my life. I feel duty-bound to help them out with this.

Firstly, whilst I haven’t worked 24 hours straight (a day) in my life, I had jobs prior to the work I undertook for the programme. Some have involved being sat down, occasionally at a desk, but the majority of positions have been manual. I even spent half of my time in a warehouse when I had an administration role.

I am not, and have not, been ‘given’ everything I have. My first job was at the age of 13, admittedly just as a paperboy, but I have never been too far away from employment ever since. Even whilst I was studying at university ‘living it up (another pearl of information I found online)’, I was working.

Now, I understand people think differently and people have varying levels of intelligence, but what cannot be respected, is the opinion of somebody who knows so little about a subject, or person in this case. This is about all I’m going to indirectly write towards those in question, as becoming personal would be hypocritical.

This piece may even look like I’m ‘whinging’ – another interesting description of me, none the less – but I am not. My initial attitude to the comments was an acceptance that there are always going to be presumptuous and ill-informed people who make themselves look silly, whilst hiding behind a computer screen. This was soon followed by a slightly agitated mood, brought on by the increasing urge that I felt to respond.

It was at this stage that I took note of the advice given to me, and stopped reading, as it was actually quite boring to read after a while.

Finally, I felt amused. I find it hilarious that people were actually so bothered by something that doesn’t even directly affect them, that they felt it worthwhile, and possibly in some cases even necessary, to offer their input to the world.

So thank you for the laughs.

* I’d also like to offer my gratitude to those who were positive about the story. *


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