A Family Christmas (Poem)



As it is that time of year again, I felt like sharing a little piece of poetry I (yes, really) produced for my Creative Writing poetry portfolio during my second year of University studies. Enjoy…



A Family Christmas


Christmas to children means wishing for gifts,

But to the parents it brings extra shifts.

With little time for a ‘Hello Honey’,

They are back to work to earn more money.


Christmas to children brings hope for snow,

But do parents want it? I don’t think so!

Icy roads are really quite unpleasant;

The things we do to buy loved ones presents.


Christmas to children means playing with toys,

But parents get headaches with all the noise.

Dinner though, may give the adults some cheer,

Before falling asleep after a beer.


Christmas to children is full of magic,

But for the parents, it can be tragic.



Thanks to boblea for the image.

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